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It’s about Safety and Comfort in Your Work Environment!

By: Theresa Trant

I’m almost six feet tall and that can be challenging both at home and work. I remember while renovating our kitchen my husband suggested we raise the kitchen counter by about one and a half inches. You see, I’d get back pain whenever I would work at the kitchen counter. He figured that by raising the counter, I would not have to bend over and my back pain would resolve.

You know… he was right! With that small change, I no longer experienced back pain!

That simple idea also works well in my office. My workstation is raised to 48 inches, allowing me to sit high (making room for those long legs of mine!) and giving me the option of standing while I work. I love it! These ergonomic changes created a safe work environment suitable to my height.

Ergonomic changes are not limited to office work.  They should be considered in any work environment where there is risk of injury or physical discomfort in carrying out job duties. Ergonomic changes can be applied to hand tools, controls, your physical positioning within your office, heavy manual labour, jobs requiring standing for periods of time (i.e. cashier – in Chile, cashiers have stools so they alternate between sitting and standing), jobs requiring awkward positioning, etc.

Are you having discomfort at your work site? Consider some simple ergonomic changes. Even the smallest change can result in significant improvements in your comfort.  Here are two great web-sites that give valuable information:

Don’t be shy about making a change. It’s about safety and comfort in your work environment.

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