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Celebration Safety

By: Lindsey MacDonald

If you’re like me, then you may be finding yourself thinking, “how is it already the middle of August?!”  With so much to do in the summer, time seems to be flying. This time of year is chalk full of fun activities and there’s never a shortage of things to do when the workday ends.

Your friends may invite you to a BBQ or another type of celebration. These can be a great opportunity to enjoy the evening and relax with your mates. Even if you don’t wind up attending a celebration, party or BBQ this summer, chances are you will find yourself attending one at another time of the year. After all, there are only 124 days until Christmas and surely you’ll have some social time!

Until then, as we enjoy the last summer nights and long weekends of the season, we still need to keep in mind safety.  Just like when you are on the job, after hours it is important to keep your heads up and remember to think safety.

Here are some things to think about during the celebration:

  • Plan ahead to ensure you have a safe ride home
  • Let your family know if you plan to be home later than usual
  • If it a potluck style celebration, make sure that everyone labels the ingredients in their dish. We wouldn’t want an allergic reaction from anyone!
  • Maintain the safety habits you use in the workplace- remember that injuries can happen in any setting
  • Lighting the BBQ, carrying large dishes of potato salad, sitting in an old folding chair…

No matter what the activity, think safety.

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