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First on the scene… Your Six Safety Stories

By: Jay Zacharopoulos

At Heads Up we are all about preventing accidents and promoting safe and smart work habits. Unfortunately mistakes happen.  It is important to know how to respond to a workplace accident or injury. Here are four common questions that are raised:

What do I do if an accident happens?

The first people on the scene of an accident must deal with the immediate problems. If the injured person needs medical attention, call an appropriate medical professional. The accident must also be reported immediately to a supervisor or appropriate person at the workplace.

To whom do I report the accident or injury?

Make sure you notify the following individuals if any incidents take place:

  • Your supervisor – to ensure the incident will be recorded and properly dealt with
  • The company’s safety coordinator
  • An appropriate person in senior management
  • Your local occupational health and safety department

What types of injuries and incidents have to be reported?

Reporting differs depending on jurisdiction. However, in most cases the following injuries and incidents must be reported if they result in:

  • The death of an individual
  • Cause a worker to be admitted to hospital
  • Involve an unplanned or uncontrolled explosion, fire or flood that causes or has the potential to cause serious injury
  • Involve the collapse or upset of a crane, derrick or hoist
  • Involve the collapse or failure of any component of a building’s structure

What happens after an incident or injury has been reported?

In many jurisdictions, an occupational health and safety officer may be sent to the incident to gather additional information or to conduct an investigation.

This week’s six safety stories feature companies that took the extra step to ensure employee safety.

Safety Badge… The U.S. Department of Labour’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recognized the management and employees of the Monsanto Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Centre and Breeding Facility for excellence in the company’s safety and health program.

Safety Budget…The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has awarded more than $200,000 in grants to Ohio employers. BWC’s Safety Intervention Grant Program is aimed at reducing illnesses and injuries and helping grantees establish best practices for prevention.

Less abrupt, just as painful… Ergonomics may not be as sudden or scary but they can be just as dangerous. These injuries occur over long periods of time and usually go unnoticed until the problem is serious. Make sure you understand them.

FYI… Take a look at this interesting fact sheet on America’s most dangerous industries and how accidents usually occur. It may surprise you! It’s up to you to change these statistics.

Application of Safety… The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) released its first iPad application to support work safety and to promote health at the workplace.

Hooked… Following a serious injury to a construction worker in Australia, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is urging crane operators to exercise extreme caution when working.

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