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All good things must come to an end… or do they? Your six safety stories.

By: Jay Zacharopoulos

Don’t dislike me for saying it but… the last gasp of summer has arrived. As many of us leave our summer jobs and return to the classroom we reflect on the past four months the wonderful people we met, the exciting (and sometimes exhausting) tasks we performed, and the accomplishments we achieved (let’s hope one of them was an injury-free summer!).

As we go our separate ways and focus on the path ahead, Heads Up would like to remind you that safe habits and decisions should never stop. As you move into new positions and encounter unfamiliar situations remember to always apply your safety knowledge and work smart. Safety is overlooked far too often, so we all have to ensure measures are taken to promote and implement safe habits.

Our six safety stories provide some examples of why a safety plan is a necessity.  Safety doesn’t apply only to specific industries; it is relevant throughout the workforce. So whether you are working full-time, part-time or on a seasonal basis, never forget to Work Smart Work Safe.

Eyes on the road­- Last year, 683 vehicle-bound workers died on the job in the U.S., according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nearly four in 10 fatalities involved transportation.

Rising stars- The American National Safety Council has announced 44 honorees as its NSC Rising Stars of Safety, Class of 2012. This program recognizes these leaders of tomorrow for their commitment to safety, influence on safety culture, promotion of continuous workplace safety improvement and creation of safety initiatives.

Setting records the wrong way… A central Indiana glass factory faces what the state workplace safety agency calls a record $453,000 in fines for violations that weren’t corrected after a worker’s death nearly two years ago.

Safety stakeholders… A new organization called The Ontario Prevention Council composed of workplace health and safety stakeholders, will advise the Ministry of Labour to improve health and safety in workplaces across the province.

Level up… The South African Government and key role players have signed an agreement that will reinforce adherence to safety and health standards in the construction sector.

Closing note… Sorry everyone, I had to include some ‘seasonal safety tips’ for a parent’s favourite time of year. Here are some back to school safety tips.

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