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School, work, girlfriend, drumming… Juggle safely my son

By Andy’s Mom

It’s back to school and this school year will be a juggling act for my son Andy.  He’s in grade 12 and with a goal of going to university he’ll need to focus on his studies. Mind you that is not first and foremost on his mind this week. He’s focusing on the luxury of driving his truck to school. Fortunately, (or perhaps unfortunately?) the rule in our household is that if you drive you pay your own insurance. That means Andy has to work part-time. Oh and did I mention he is a drummer in a band and has a girlfriend? Andy will somehow have to go to school, study, drum, spend time with his girlfriend and work enough part-time hours to pay for his insurance. That’s what I mean about a juggling act. J

It’s important to me he learns how to do everything he wants to do this year safely and successfully. Safety at work is key to this. If Andy were to get hurt at work he may not be able to participate in his other activities. So my key message to Andy is that work safety stems from an active awareness of what you are doing, and how you are doing it within your work environment. Andy will need to ensure he can turn off the switch from his other areas of living so he can focus on his job. He’ll need to prioritize and balance his life over the next several months. He’ll need to get enough sleep! No more going to bed after midnight as was the pattern this summer.

You know, I’m confident he can do it. He knows what’s important and knows how his life activities fit together. His dad and I will be keeping an eye on him to ensure he is not overloading himself and will help him when we think he needs it.

Bottom line Andy…juggle safely my son and your grade 12 school year will be amazing!

Check out this article on balancing school and work:

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