Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Keep your germs to yourself and stay home!

By Stephanie Usher

Safety in the workplace does not always have to be about avoiding injury; it can also be about proactively avoiding illness and promoting health.

For example, I am not one to call in sick. I am the one who will call in sick only in circumstances of near death or gangrene. To date, I have yet to experience gangrene, but I hear it’s the worst.

In any case, coming to work sick is a bad move. Don’t do this!

If you suspect you have the plague or something similar, STAY HOME.

While you may think your boss will be impressed with your staunch work ethic, coming into work sick is an easy way to infect the whole office, which in the worst-case scenario could lead to a zombie apocalypse.

If you don’t cause the second coming of Thriller (which would be cool to see, let’s be honest), your friendly germs could infect your colleagues, and could result in a decrease in productivity.

Your boss who you want to impress? She won’t like you anymore.

If you’re sick, stay home. You germs are gregarious, social organisms. They want to meet everybody and network and they do not accept no for an answer.

When everyone starts to catch your cold or flu, even if you did not do it on purpose, you will be blamed and glared at. You will become a social pariah!

The lesson to be learned here is very plain: Don’t give your germs a chance to network. Also, please stay home.


A girl still learning to call in sick and stay home,


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