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Raking leaves – it’s an aerobic activity!

By Theresa Trant

I live in an older neighbourhood with lots of mature trees. In fact, we have the largest poplar tree I’ve ever seen rooted majestically in my front yard. It looks great in the summer but come the fall I’m pretty much wading through inches of leaves and trying to remember where I put the rake

I recall collecting close to 18 bags of leaves one year between my front and back yard. No wonder I shudder at the thought of doing it all over again this year. That’s a lot of reaching, bending and lifting. Let’s face it; it’s an aerobic activity that can go on for hours.

I dread raking leaves.  I know I’ll feel the effects of it for hours after; effects that go beyond my back. I’ll also feel it in my arms, hands and legs.

I’m only planning on doing this once this fall. But landscaping companies are busy right now getting customers’ yards in shape for the winter. If you are employed by one of these companies you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Thanksgiving weekend is a time when many of us will be enjoying the beautiful fall colours while doing our annual yard work; including raking millions of those leaves. Whether doing this for the sheer pleasure (yah, right!) or doing this as part of your work duties, remember to take breaks, stretch and stay hydrated. Just like any activity involving bending, reaching, stretching and lifting there is a safe way to do it.

Check out this site for more tips and have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving weekend.  Happy raking!

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