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Safety and the movies: The Hunger Games

By Lauren Smith

I was counting down the days all summer….

I finished the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy back in June and eagerly anticipated the video release of the film (because I didn’t see it in theaters). I was excited to see the characters I grew to love animated in front of me with the enchantment of special effects to play out the horror of The Hunger Games.

I loved seeing my favourite characters on the screen, but the movie should have come with a warning: “Don’t try this at home.” Yes, a fight to the death is dangerous, but there are some safety precautions that these tributes could have taken throughout the film. 

Step aside Matt, Lauren is taking our young workers to the movies, safety-style.

1) Dress with safety in mind.

I’m aware that Katniss and Gale live in a post-revolution world where the Capitol forbids them to hunt. However, neither of them ever wears any sort of bright or reflective clothing while hunting in the woods. I know, they don’t want to be seen because then they could get caught. Although it’s unlikely that anyone else would also be hunting in the woods (since it is punishable by death), they should still take precautions to ensure they are seen by potential nearby hunters. Safety first, guys.

2) Don’t light your clothing on fire.

Cinna wanted Katniss and Peeta to make an memorable entrance at the Hunger Games tribute parade, but igniting one’s clothing is a recipe for catching fire (yes, it’s the title of the second book, but it’s meant to be a metaphor). Sometimes safety may not always look the most striking (like wearing your goggles or helmet), but safety precautions should always take precedence over fashion. Sorry, Cinna.

3) When training, safety protocols are a must.

The training centre was riddled with safety breaches. There was no net under the ladder when Peeta fell, none of the tributes wore helmets or other protective gear while training, knives and arrows were flying through the training centre instead of in a designated range, and when Peeta went to lift the heavy weight, no one was there to spot him or ensure he was using correct posture for lifting. You’d think the Capitol would ensure safety protocols to protect their tributes. At least ‘til the games start.

4) Don’t shoot at people.

Katniss shot her arrow in the direction of the game makers to get their attention. Although she is a supremely talented shooter, this is very dangerous. You should never aim weapons towards people (except in the arena, of course).

5) Cuts need to be cleaned.

When Peeta is injured in the arena, he camouflages himself in the mud. Although this chameleon strategy prevents him from being spotted by the other tributes, he has an open wound which needs to be cleaned. Submerging it in the dirt could only lead to a serious infection (even a blood infection).

Did you notice other safety breaches in The Hunger Games? We’d love to hear them! Post a comment below or tweet @HeadsUpAB

Whether you’re on the job or training for your own non-hunger games, remember to stay safe and “may the odds be ever in your favour.”

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