Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

It all happened so fast…

by Anonymous

I was standing on a stepladder this weekend pruning one of our trees. I had even thought about what would happen if I fell (and had taken care to have my really sharp tools where they wouldn’t stab me) but didn’t really expect to fall. I’ve done this job many times. But as the whole operation was a bit unstable I was holding onto the tree with one hand while reaching to clip off some high dead branches with the other.

Then “it all happened so fast.” The ladder fell off to one side and I was left (briefly) hanging from the tree with one hand. That situation wasn’t going to last very long and I pretty quickly dropped to the ground where I landed on the ladder. Whether that was good or bad depends on how you look at it. I wasn’t hurt but the ladder had some nifty new bends.

I guess that counts as a near miss – something bad happened but there were no injuries or equipment damage (I was able to bend the ladder parts back into good position).

I’ve had a few accidents over the years and a common feature of them all has been the “it all happened so fast” part. Everything is going fine – and then it’s not. I expect it would be the same for really serious accidents – where you break a leg, or fall on your head, or…

So, my advice to you is to keep your Heads Up. Work Smart. Work Safe. It can all happen so fast….

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