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5 apps that keep you safe on the job

Today’s guest writer, Joel, works with Workforce Compliance Safety, a consulting company that helps employers stay compliant with safety standards.

We all know smart phones can be a distraction in the workplace – but what if they could actually keep you safe? While we’d never recommend letting your phone become a hazard, here are 5 great safety apps that will help you stay safe on the job.

Occupational Health and Safety App

Need to brush up on your safety skills on the go? This app features free webinars, tutorials, videos and more on a huge list of safety issues. As an added bonus for new grads and those interested in making safety a career, the app also pulls in the latest OH&S job listings across Canada!

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Winter might be on the horizon, but make sure to keep this app in mind come summer time, especially if you work outdoors. Just input the temperature and humidity (easy to get from any weather-related app) and the app calculates the heat index and risk level, offering signs and symptoms for heat-related illnesses along with helpful first aid tips.

Decibel Meter Pro

It’s important not to take your hearing for granted. Protecting those eardrums means more than just keeping your headphones from blaring! Job sites can be noisy spaces, but it can be tough to know when hearing protection is a requirement. If you want to avoid having to watch those Modern Family re-runs with the volume on “max”, use this app to help identify when noise levels are getting over that dangerous 85 decibel threshold.

First Aid by American Red Cross

In emergency situations it can be easy to make first aid mistakes. You don’t want to be the one that puts cotton balls or toilet paper on a 2nd degree burn (it’s a really bad idea!).

This app provides simple, step-by-step instructions that will guide you through both everyday situations and serious emergencies. There’s a steady supply of tips and helpful resources like videos to make providing proper care as easy as possible. Best of all, you can dial 9-1-1 from within the app to send for an ambulance without losing sight of the task at hand.

(By the way, use a sterile gauze bandage on that 2nd degree burn, and call for help!)

Material Safety Data Sheets

While it might feel like revisiting chemistry class, knowing which chemicals can be harmful and how to properly treat them can be a lifesaver – especially when you’re unsure about what exactly is in that 4-gallon pail and whether or not it would be a good idea to let it touch your skin.

This app has all the information you could ever need including equipment recommendations for proper handling, first aid procedures, storage information and disposal tips.

Smart phones have made it incredibly easy to share information, stay in touch with friends, play games and browse the web, so there’s no reason they can’t be used to help you work safely. Pause that game of Angry Birds, head to the app store and help keep your workplace safe!

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