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Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Let’s face it, accidents happen.

by Theresa Trant

I love playing soccer. So much so that I’m the goalkeeper for my team – a tough position to play at the best of times. I’m used to reaching, jumping and diving in an effort to prevent goals. But last Friday I managed to injure myself and it was purely an accident. In the process of diving for the ball, my foot slipped, which resulted in me taking an awkward fall causing my neck to twist. Ouch! Bring on the ice, heat and Advil! Let’s face it, accidents happen.

The same can be said about accidents in the workplace. A task you’ve done a hundred times can suddenly become the reason for an accident occurring. You’ve performed it as you always do, the equipment is good but for some reason there was an accident and now you’re injured.

So what do you do now? That may seem like a rather basic question. However, even if you’re a little uncertain, this question needs answering.

Actually, it’s as simple as one, two, three:

  1. Tell your employer. Provide as many details as you can about how the accident happened and your injury. Your employer has 72 hours to report the injury to WCB-Alberta if you need medical treatment, other than first aid or if you cannot do your job beyond the day of injury.
  2. Tell your health care provider. Your doctor or chiropractor must report your injury to WCB-Alberta within 48 hours.
  3. Complete and send in your Report of Injury as soon as possible. Make sure the information you put in the report is complete and accurate. Reporting can be done online at WCB for Workers, or your employer should have a form available for you to fill out.

Remember, keep your head up, work smart and work safe. If you do have an accident, knowing what to do afterward is very important.

Oh – and in case you’re wondering…I made the save!

Now…where did I put my heating pad?

One Response to “Let’s face it, accidents happen.”

  1. Yes, accidents can just happen. I had a similar experience at my karate class last week (Advil, I love you!).

    And it’s good to know what to do if that accident happens to occur at work.

    Thanks for your column!

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