Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

‘Twas a work day before Christmas

‘Twas a work day before Christmas, and all through the office,
The Heads Up team was busy, but not being cautious.
The decoration boxes were opened without much care,
And planning took place as to what would go where.

Lights, balls, strands, and glitter were spread all about.
The task was done quickly; safety was not checked out.
The office looked fantastic and Christmas had arrived at last.
But when pause was taken, the Heads Up team stared in aghast.

In their rush to get the task done and the Christmas spirit to create,
They realized they’d made one huge mistake.
For in hanging, placing and stringing up the items,
They forgot to think about safety and the accidents that could happen.

Lauren noticed the tree with all its lights and glitter abound,
Was not fire resistant and was a hazard to all those around.
Decorations were removed with great haste,
And a new tree, fire resistant, now took its place.

Matt saw the electrical cords were a tangled mess;
An invitation for tripping and cause of distress.
Cords were straightened and power bars were found;
Clearing the path for all those around.

Melissa looked up and suddenly let out a screech,
For the ceiling decorations were also a safety breach.
Hung too low, they needed to be raised.
Good eyes Melissa, the Heads Up team praised!

And I, Theresa, joined in on the safety check.
The lights were over heating so we went high tech.
New lights were purchased; the ones that stay cool;
Perfect for this season of festive Yule.

The Heads Up team smiled and took a step back;
They congratulated each other for safety was once again on track.
A lesson was learned on that snowy work day;
Decorating is fun, but you must do it the safe way.

 Merry Christmas to all and to all take heart;
Remember, heads up, work safe, and work smart!

 Your Heads Up team

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