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Is safety part of your 2013 plans?

by Theresa Trant

Well Christmas is over. My tree is showing signs of drying out and I’m realizing 2013 arrives next week. How did that happen?

It’s been a year of new experiences for me. Leaving a position of 15 years and starting a new one is the biggest new experience I’ve had in a long time. As part of my new position I’ve joined the Heads Up team. To be honest I never really thought about young worker safety before. I guess that’s because I wasn’t writing about it and my sons had not entered the work world yet. But this year is different. I’ve got one son working full time since May and one part time (he’s in Grade 12). Being a member of the Heads Up team has raised my awareness of young worker safety.

I try to bring this awareness to my sons but I’m not sure it’s sinking in. Comments such as “Mom, we decided it would be a great idea to ride the conveyor belt to the second floor of our building”, make me shudder. Fortunately the plan was not executed. The time when safety boots were left in the car trunk because it was too hot out to wear them was not a good decision making moment. And yes, there was a minor foot injury as a result. I’m pleased to say the boots are now making it out of the trunk and onto the feet!

It’s interesting that safety, so grounded in common sense, can be overlooked so easily. I’m guilty of it myself. Just look in my office. Note to self – clean up! It really comes down to being aware of what is around you and what could cause you harm. Sounds easy but it takes a moment of thought to build the awareness. Take that moment of thought. It could prevent an injury.

Of course this is the time of year many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Are you? As I started writing this I had no intention of making one. But I’m wrong about that. There is an important one I should make and that is to continue emphasizing work safety to my sons. Maybe one or two nuggets of thought will hit home with them. At least I know the conveyor belt is not transporting my son and the safety boots are being worn. That’s a good way to start 2013!

Happy New Year readers! Heads up: work smart, work safe.

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