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Start 2013 with work safety on your mind

By Theresa Trant

Christmas is over. New Years was celebrated and now we are into January, 2013; a new year with opportunities to talk about workplace safety.

Accidents happen; that’s a fact. My son was just involved in a driving accident. No injuries thank goodness; but completely preventable had he been paying attention. He knows now what he could
have done to prevent it. Unfortunately it’s going to cost him….a lot.

To me the important part of this is that he knows what he could have done to prevent the accident and stay safe.

That reminds me…it’s been a while since we’ve highlighted safety stories. I think that’s a good way to start the new year so here they are:

  •  An SUV collides with a Red Arrow bus enroute to Fort McMurray from Edmonton. Several occupants were injured. The driver of the SUV was killed.
  •  The three men employed by A&B Rail Services were struck by a train while clearing snow off the tracks. The workers were using snow blowers and wearing hearing protection.
  •  A house in Sherwood Park was destroyed by an explosion after a contractor hit a gas line while doing repairs in the basement of the home.

We, the Heads Up team, see 2013 as a year to continue with our message to work safe and work smart. Keep safety on your mind!

Happy New Year everyone!

One Response to “Start 2013 with work safety on your mind”

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