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Love and the Workplace

By Matt King

Two people meet each other. It could be anyone: a young guy working in an office, that girl who lives just round the corner. Maybe it’s the guy who always takes the stairs instead of the elevator, or the woman who always takes at least five IKEA pencils whenever she goes shopping for furniture. No matter who it is, two people meet each other. They get to know each other, they hang out, they hold hands. They learn about one another, they stare longingly and, maybe to onlookers, uncomfortably at one another for long periods of time, and then, inevitably, impossibly, magically, they fall in love. I know, I know. I’m headed into, and wading knee deep in, Twilight-level sentimentality here, but stay with me for just a moment.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day often devoted to love, or at least pastel recreations of love, completed only by cardstock and chocolate (need Valentine’s Day cards? See ours here). In honour of that non-holiday, let’s talk about love, but also, as always, let’s talk about safety.

First, we’ll begin with a question: as the great Haddaway once sang in his 1993 hit song, “What is love?”

[NOTE: The above video is literally 10 hours long.]

Love seems to involve a bond between two people, and, as a result, a type of trust. And, as in love, trust is enormously important when it comes to workplace safety too.

When you work as part of a partnership or group, your best, safest work will only occur when you can fully put your trust in that other person or those other people. Safety is not simply an individual act; it’s a group practice as well.

Think about your own work relationships. Do you work with another person? What’s that relationship like? Do you trust that other person when it comes to your own and others’ safety? What about you? Can that other person trust you when it comes to safety? Are you yourself supporting a safe work environment?

If there’s a need to rethink your safety, then talk to your employer right away, because when you fail in safety, it doesn’t only affect you, it affects those around you.

Valentine’s Day is a day often draped in a sort of cheap pretense, but there’s something true at its core. When that couple gets to know each other, when they hang out, when they hold hands, when they both take five IKEA pencils, there’s a trust building between them. And trust, whether in love or at work, is essential to feeling any sort of responsibility to another person’s well-being.

And it’s the key to working smart and working safe as well.

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