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Thinking before I play

By Theresa Trant

The nerf dart is ready to go. I aim, slowly pull back my arm, take a deep breath, and throw! My dart goes wild, hitting a co-worker. Oops.


I’m turning 52 this month and am the oldest member of the Heads Up team. In fact I’m the oldest by over 20 years; but I’m still young at heart and love to have fun at work. I find it is a great de-stressor for me. Sometimes though, in my quest for fun, I forget what the outcome could be.

Fortunately my lack in shooting skills did not result in an injury to my co-worker. It did however result in the experience being filed as lessons learned. I guess you can still learn things when you are in your 50’s.

The experience also got me thinking about the consequences of fooling around (horseplay) at work. I remember years ago a 17 year old girl lost her eye just before her grade 12 graduation. A co-worker was flicking paper clips with elastics and she was struck in the eye. A decision based in having fun turned into a tragedy for this young worker.

I also remember a serious injury occurring to a young man resulting from a forklift prank his co-workers pulled on him. Again, a decision based in having fun turned into tragedy.

Having fun at work can be healthy. It is a great way to balance out a stressful day. You just need to do it safely. Notice Josh in this short video comes prepared with a safety vest and goggles as he takes the office lunch order.

There is a fine line between having fun and creating safety risks for yourself and co-workers. Even a small joke you play at work or distraction you cause can have the wrong outcome for you and others. It might even ruin your weekend plans or bring your career to a sudden end.

For me it now comes down to awareness and thinking through to possible consequences. I can still have fun at work; I just need to do a little thinking first. Target practice might also help; on my own time of course.

Can you identify with this? Tell us by leaving a comment, or tweet @HeadsUpAB.

One Response to “Thinking before I play”

  1. Theresa even at 50 we can still learn . I thought throwing snowballs at work was fun now we teach the young to think before u freak.

    Nice story. Keep it up. And as you being the oldest. You prob trained me before rest of your team startef st WCB. Lol

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