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Safety and the movies… Skyfall

By Matt King

Intro Shot

A series of circles fly in from the left. Then a man appears, walking along in another white circle before swiftly turning around, pointing a gun at the screen, as in the image above. Then he fires and blood fills the frame from the top down. And then…

Bond. James Bond.

Every single one of the twenty-three films starts the way I’ve described above, except for the most recent, Skyfall, which ends that way. Last year, the James Bond series celebrated its 50th anniversary. Over those fifty years, Bond has changed appearances, from Sean Connery to the often forgotten George Lazenby, from Roger Moore to Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan to the current Bond, Daniel Craig, but he has always remained a man constantly in action, surrounded by explosions, women and bad guys.

Directed by Sam Mendes, Skyfall came out on video a little while ago, and watching it again, we realized it would be perfect for the latest edition of Safety and the movies. So, how does Bond hold up when it comes to safety? Shockingly for a spy, not very well. Warning: the following contains spoilers.

HEIGHTS - Standing above copy

1. When standing at a great height, do not forget fall protection…

At the beginning of the film, Bond is chasing a man named Patrice who has a copy of the real names of all undercover NATO agents. After much carnage, including the destruction of a train and several VW Bugs, Bond finds himself fighting Patrice on top of a train as it bullets along. Since they are on a moving train, there is a great chance that they will fall, especially since they are punching and kicking each other. But does either of them wear fall protection? Nope. And Bond soon learns his lesson here when he gets shot and falls over the edge. If only he had a harness, then he’d totally just dangle over the edge and… you know what? Maybe just don’t get into fights on top of trains. That’s probably a good idea. Then, at the end, he decides to stand on a rooftop and stare out at London… without a harness! I guess he didn’t learn his lesson.

SAFE TRANSPORT - Running copy

2. In your rush to get to work on time, remember it’s better to arrive late and alive than dead…

During another chase scene (maybe just calm down a little, James), Bond has to get onto the Wimbledon line of the London Underground. But the thing is, the train is already moving. Instead of just waiting for another train (and those things are super regular in London), he decides to jump onto the back of it. First, running like that through the Tube platform would be dangerous as you could easily knock someone over into the train or into its way. Second, he jumps onto the back, something that easily could’ve resulted in a death or a broken bone. The final issue here is that the conductor lets him in without question. If I saw a dude jump onto the back of a train and I was the conductor, I’d think that was pretty sketchy. But think about your way to work. Have you ever rushed to work? Maybe driven a tad fast, or run towards a bus on icy sidewalks? I have, and maybe it’s time that I, and Bond, think about that again.

DEFENSIVE DRIVING - Wheel turning copy

3. When driving, make like Moneypenny and drive defensively…

Many people have to drive as part of their job, and often, hazards may present themselves on the road. This is what happens to Eve Moneypenny in the opening of the movie. At one point, she is driving alongside a train (this is questionable, safety-wise) when suddenly a bunch of VW Bugs are thrown off the train. Instead of just bowling through them, Moneypenny is smart and drives defensively, going around and away from the hazard, but making sure to remain safe in the process. It’s quick reflexes sometimes that saves the day.


BONUS: When injured at work, talk to your supervisor right away, don’t just keep working…

Unlike Bond, who gets shot and foolishly just keeps going. Seriously.


Okay, so I admit, Bond’s job is inherently dangerous. He’s a spy. But he definitely misses the boat when it comes to safety.

What about you? Have you seen Skyfall? What did you think?

Do you have any other movies that you think would be good for Safety and the movies? If so, comment on the blog or send as a tweet @HeadsUpAB.

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