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Heads Up… behind the safety

By Lauren Smith 


Here on the Heads Up! team we’ve been busy planning out 2013. One of our biggest undertakings so far this year has been creating new graphics for our posters and advertisements.

Recently, I had the pleasure of going on a field trip to a number of different work sites which we used as the sets for our photo shoots! Talk about a fun way to spend a work day!


In the “wear” house


Our first location was a wholesale warehouse. I’d never been inside a place like this before. I thought the shelves in Costco were tall, but this place made me feel like Alice after she drinks from the ominous “Drink Me” bottle.

 alice before  
Alice before…       

Alice after… very tiny. (Lesson: Don’t drink from strange bottles).

Workers at the warehouse have to use forklifts to get the pallets of product off the extremely high shelves. It looks like a tricky job that demands some serious hand-eye coordination. With the high shelves and heavy machinery, I can easily see the importance of safety protocols in this kind of work environment.

 warehouse wardrobe

For our time at the warehouse, I had to wear slightly different work attire than I’m accustomed to. I don’t own steel-toed boots, but in order to be on site they’re a requirement. So, I had to sport these fancy steel-toes. When walking around the warehouse, we had to wear safety vests to ensure we were visible to all the workers on the floor (especially those driving the forklifts).


Centre of health & excellence


 The second part of the day was spent at a place I’ve visited before: the Millard Health Centre. Millard is there to help workers who’ve been injured on the job. Staff at Millard work with WCB case managers to rehabilitate injured workers and help them get back to work. Millard serves around 8,000 clients a year and about 94 per cent are able to return to work after receiving treatment. Who works at Millard? All kinds of health care professionals! Millard is full of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, nurses… the list goes on. Needless to say, it’s a busy place!


If you can’t stand the heat…

image (14)

Last set of the day was in an industrial kitchen – a place I’m much more familiar with. Although it’s been awhile since I worked in a restaurant, being in the kitchen reminded me of the numerous safety protocols that have to be followed in that kind of environment.

When the restaurant is busy, the kitchen is packed with cooks busily preparing meals, handling hot food and sharp objects – it is an environment where risk of injury can be high if staff don’t follow safety rules. I’ve seen everything from sliced fingers to severe burns – safety protocols are in place to help us avoid these injuries. Thankfully, we weren’t in the middle of a busy dinner rush and were only in the kitchen to snap a few photos.


When it comes to us here on the Heads Up! team we’re always talking about safety in the workplace. On the photo shoots I was reminded that each work environment has its own specific set of guidelines to prevent the risk of injury. All in all, it was a great day for a photo shoot and for safety!


Our new advertisements will be out on March 4 (this Monday)! Keep an eye on Edmonton’s new LRT TV, Calgary’s CTtrains and the city buses!   

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