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Safety Limericks, version 2.0

By Melissa Babcock

It calls to mind visions of rainbows, golden coins, four-leaf clovers and little redheaded men in green waistcoats.

No, I’m not talking about a box of Lucky Charms. But that would be an appropriate breakfast to enjoy this coming Sunday – St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes, the day of the Emerald Isle is upon us and in celebration, we on the Heads Up team decided to bring you a new batch of last year’s wildly popular safety limericks. Because nothing says safety like rhyming couplets!

Read on and leave a comment letting us know which one was your favourite. Enjoy!

Four-leaf clover

St. Patrick practiced safety I’m sure,

Otherwise think of what he had to endure.

You can’t make mistakes,

When banishing snakes,

And think you’ll stay safe and secure!

Four-leaf clover

There once was a woman named Jules,

Who did not think about safety rules.

She thought she’d never get hurt,

So why be safe and alert?

But then she fell and got hurt – so not coolz.

Four-leaf clover

When working all day sitting down,

Don’t forget to get up and walk around.

Just once in a while,

It’s always in style!

And it will make your back smile, not frown.

Four-leaf clover

Follow the rainbow to the pot of gold,

But you should wear fall protection, I’m told.

When up off the ground,

Keep yourself safe and sound,

And make sure that your climb is controlled.

Four-leaf clover

I look outside and see all the snow,

How many cars will need a tow?

The roads will be a mess,

Safety a risk, I would guess.

Take your time and go steady and slow.

Four-leaf clover

Staying safe is no easy task,

But really, is it so much to ask?

Work safe and work smart

And all hazards, you’ll thwart.

Then in your safety success, you can bask!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Heads Up team!

Four-leaf clover

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