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Easter Safety

By Lauren Smith

Did you know that Easter is the second most important candy-consuming holiday of the year? In 2012, Easter candy sales actually beat out Halloween sales by $100 million.

easter candy new

However you celebrate, beware of the possible safety hazards. In order to keep calm and get your bunny on, here are some safety considerations to keep in mind over this spring holiday.

1. Decorating 101

Whether decorating your home or office, make sure your decorations don’t jeopardize safety. Avoid decorations that may become a tripping hazard or could partially block emergency exit paths.
 hanging with my peeps

This is the coolest Easter decoration I have ever seen!


2. The hunt is on!

Easter egg hunts are a fun activity at work or at play. If you intend to hide hard boiled eggs, it’s a good idea to record how many eggs are hidden and the location of your hiding places. Hardboiled eggs will begin to spoil if left out of the fridge for more than two hours. If you’re a really great hider, don’t risk leaving an egg unfound and forgotten.

egg hunt
I still get this excited for an Easter egg hunt!


3. Pet safety

Easter introduces a number of hazards for your precious pets. If forgotten about, those hidden eggs, whether chocolate or hardboiled, may be found later by your pet and could make that pet very ill. Be especially careful about leaving chocolate out in the open if you have a dog – chocolate is toxic for dogs, especially dark chocolate. They don’t know better, and if they can get near chocolate, they will eat it.

 easter dog 

4. Chocolate overload

While chocolate may not be dangerous for you, eating too many sweets is. It’s easy to load up on sugar when Easter treats are around. Although it might be nice to indulge in sugary treats shaped like cute little animals, try to avoid consuming too much candy – sugar can give you a burst of energy, but will leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic.


Happy Easter, everyone!

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