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Summertime safety in the news

By Matt King

Summer in Edmonton

It’s warm outside. The sun has suddenly said hello again to Alberta, and it is, at long last, warm outside. I was out and about the other day, and it felt like the moment in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when, Aslan having returned, the winter starts to give way to spring and everyone feels alive and happy because there is greenery and flowers and waterfalls and other things to remind you that life is no longer frozen over. It’s lovely.

But with the summer comes a new set of safety struggles. In fact, every new week poses new questions about workplace safety, and with each new question there are new stories to tell. So sit back and relax, here are your five safety stories…

  • The week of living safely… It’s North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week (May 5-11), and what better to time to remind yourself of the importance of safety in all industries than now, but remember, safety doesn’t stop at the end of the week. Keep working smart; keep working safe.
  • Raising awareness, Hollywood-style… Okay, it maybe isn’t quite Hollywood, but the students who won a provincial video competition were announced last week and they might as well be in Hollywood. The Alberta high-school students made videos about workplace safety, with the three winning groups winning cash prizes in the process, along with the privilege (and bragging rights) of moving forward to the national video competition.
  • Celebrating safety from coast to coast… Our friends in Nova Scotia have events and workshops planned throughout NAOSH week. People will be “walking, talking and learning” to raise awareness and help ensure a safer Nova Scotia.
  • Engineering a safer tomorrow… In Hinton, Alberta, the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering will be making a visit. They will be giving a presentation on workplace hazards. The article makes a point of noting how workers under 25 are 50 per cent more likely to get injured, something we are pretty passionate about here at Heads Up.
  • A day to remember… It was a little over a week ago, but the National Day of Mourning was held on April 28th. We talked a bit about it here, but the day was recognized across Canada, including here in Alberta.

As usual, work smart, work safe and stay aware of your safety.

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