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The Provincial Skills Canada Competition: Preparing Canada’s Youth for a Safe Future

By Calissa Reid

The Competition

On May 15-16 the Provincial Skills Canada Competition (PSCC) took place in Edmonton.  Hundreds of students gathered to showcase their skills and compete in trade and technical events with the goal to move on to the National Skills Canada Competition, and if things go well, the World Skills Competition. The competition events range from robotics to baking, and plumbing to hairstyling. Each student is given two days to complete a project designed by experts in their field.

Safety at the PSCC

One area of competition in the PSCC is workplace safety. Students are tested on their knowledge of health and safety through a written exam, working in a scenario and putting together a safety presentation. Judges are looking for knowledge of safety principles. They want to see students that know what a safe work environment is and how to keep a workplace safe.  

This year there were 11 competitors, with the gold medalist, Riane Bouma, joining team Alberta for the National Skills Canada Competition in Vancouver. Workplace safety isn’t the only area with a safety focus at the PSCC; all of the events place emphasis on safety and doing the job correctly.       969197_10151678681301387_994268187_n

Skills City

The PSCC helps develop Alberta’s greatest resource, students. The competition is more than a showcase of the province’s top talent; it is also an interactive and informative career fair.

Skill City takes place during the competition and is Alberta’s largest trade and technology career fair. Over 75 of Alberta’s top employers set up booths and try-a-trade demonstrations to give students a first-hand look at different employment opportunities in Alberta.

My Experience

I was lucky enough to attend the PSCC and Skill City as a high school student back in 2008. I signed up for the event because it seemed like a cool field trip that got me out of town for the weekend, but once I got there it ended up being a really fun experience. I learnt the proper way to lay bricks and worked with a machinist to build my own spinning top. Skill City gave me the chance to try out new things that I would never think to try while in a safe environment. While I never pursued a trade after high school, I have plenty of friends working in trades that got involved thanks to Skills Canada Alberta.  

At the PSCC you may see a future chef, graphic designer or even workplace safety inspector. Skills Canada Alberta is an excellent way for students to learn to work smart and work safe.

Have you attended a Skills Canada Alberta event in the past? Tell us by leaving a comment or sending us a tweet @HeadsUpAB.

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