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Safety Isn’t Served on a Silver Platter

By Brenna Hill

When most people think of safety precautions in the work place, they think of the obviously dangerous examples: construction workers wearing hard hats and steal toed boots, or workers who have to wear harnesses and worry about fall protection when they’re lifted in the air. But safety precautions need to be taken even in the most seemingly safest jobs. Working in the hospitality industry doesn’t seem like much of a threat to your safety, but there are many things that should not be overlooked!

A Slippery Ordeal
A common situation in the hospitality industry is slippery floors. Whether something was spilled or the floors were just mopped, floors can be a slick affair. Over 42,000 Canadians get hurt every year due to falls. A slip, or even a close call could lead to a serious injury. Always make sure your shoes have proper grip for the floor conditions.

Don’t Strain Your Back
You can also hurt your back by lifting objects that are too heavy, or because you’re not lifting things properly. Always make sure you lift with your legs – not your arms or back. Just remember: nose between your toes, use your legs!

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Cleaning supplies can also be unsafe if they are not handled and stored properly. Using multiple cleaning supplies on one item could potentially cause a chemical reaction. It’s always best to read the label before using a product.

Using Machinery
Some jobs in the hospitality industry require employees to use large, and occasionally dangerous, machinery. Things like meat slicers and knives are commonly found in jobs that require food preparation. Before you start using the machines, make sure that you have been thoroughly shown how to use the machine and that you feel comfortable operating it by yourself.

Garbage Runs
Even the simplest task, like taking out the garbage, has its risks. Not to mention that garbage cans can get so full that they can weigh up to 25 lbs! But have you ever thought about what people are putting in those garbage cans? While carrying those bags out to the trash, you could be exposed to hazardous substances, which could cause infection if it comes in to contact with an open wound (such as a paper cut). You could also be poked or cut by sharp objects that people have thrown out and not properly disposed of.

Always talk to your supervisor if something makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Safety regulations can be a complex matter, but staying safe is not.

Have you ever hurt yourself at your hospitality job? Leave us a comment about your story, or tweet us @HeadsUpAB


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