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Safety and the Movies…

By Brenna Hill

This weekend I decided I needed a date with Netflix and my couch. I grabbed my most comfy blanket, popcorn and snuggled in for an awesome day of movies. After watching a few movies, Netflix recommended that I watch ‘Bring it on: All or nothing’ (it still amazes me how Netflix knows what I’ll like). I hit play and settled in for a cheer and drama filled adventure.

If you haven’t seen this movie here’s the low-down: a rich cheerleader (Britney) has to move to a working class area and give up her life of luxury. She decides to join her new school’s cheer squad and compete against her old squad for a chance to be in a Rihanna music video.

Judging by some of the non-safe things that these cheerleaders did, maybe they should spend more time cheering about safety than about school spirit.

1. Fall in love. Not off a building.

At one point in the movie, Jesse (Britney’s love interest) takes Britney to “tar beach,” which happens to be on a roof of an extremely tall looking building. Trying to be romantic and sweet, Jesse sits down with Britney on the edge of the roof with the sunset behind them. If you are trying to win over a girl by taking her to a rooftop, either put on some fall protection or think of a safer locale. There is nothing less romantic than ending a romantic evening in the hospital.

 2.The school supports your dancing. The tables don’t.

Towards the beginning of the movie some cheerleaders at Britney’s new school put two cafeteria tables together and start dancing on them to show their school a new cheer they came up with. Standing on tables can be very dangerous – you have no idea how much weight they can support. Dancing and cheering on tables is a whole new level of danger, shaking the table legs makes them even more unstable. Next time ladies, find a safely constructed stage or just cheer from the floor.


3.Bring it on when it comes to following the rules.

In the movie there’s a cheering stunt called the helicopter: three people toss another person into the air while making them spin around like a helicopter. The move is banned from competition in the film, but one of the strict captains wants to practice it anyways. One of the cheerleaders is tossed into the air and doesn’t get caught when she comes back down, resulting in her breaking her arm. (Who didn’t see that coming?) It should go without saying that if something is banned because it’s deemed unsafe, it’s probably banned for good reason.

I had never thought about the dangers of being a cheerleader or gymnast. Sure I knew that a person being thrown into the air wasn’t exactly the safest thing to do, but I had no idea there were guidelines and safety rules that your routine had to follow.

So kudos to all you cheerleaders out there! Just try not to follow the lead of some of these characters.

Whether on the competition floor or at work, don’t forget to bring it – your safety A-game, that is!

Have you seen any of the Bring it on movies? Could you ever be a cheerleader or a gymnast? Leave us a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAb

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