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Safety in the News: From Canada’s Ocean Playground to Canada’s Oilfields

By: Brenna Hill

Being a Nova Scotian girl I’m used to the ocean. I drive by it every day on my way to class, and every chance we get my friends and I spend our summer days laying on the beach and our nights walking along the Halifax board walk. So you could say that moving to Edmonton for the summer was a bit of a change (did you guys know you don’t really have anywhere to swim!?). This girl is a fish out of water in this big city! So here’s to talking about safety, from my hometown to my current town and everywhere in between.


A Nova Scotia community is in mourning after a fisherman lost his life at sea last Wednesday. He was in the crow’s nest (a structure in the middle of the boat used to look for fish) when he fell onto the deck below. First responder vessels were dispatched to the boat, but the injuries were too substantial.

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work, and that includes baseball players. Two weeks ago the Major League Baseball announced new policies surrounding “harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation”. This announcement comes after the NFL also agreed to update their policies on the matter. It’s not quite a homerun for gay rights in professional sports, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

When you break health and safety regulations there is a big price to pay. J.D. Drilling found out the hard way after being charged with failing to make sure all work was supervised. They were ordered to pay $46,000 for their mistake. However, an even greater loss was caused after an employee died on site due to the company’s errors.

A Hinton man lost his life two weeks ago when he was struck by a large piece of pipe. He was working at a gas plant as part of a pipeline crew when he was struck. An investigation into the matter is being completed by Occupational Health and Safety and the RCMP.

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