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Not everyone can be a superhero

By: Brenna Hill

One day back in June, Calissa, Dylan and I were called into our director’s office. She had an idea for Heads Up that she thought the summer students (being young workers and all) would be able to tackle. She wanted an infographic (a graphic picture to represent information) to help show young workers how common it is to be hurt on the job.

Calissa and I spent many hours searching for statistics on young workers in Alberta – trust me, it was a lot harder than it sounds! We were hoping the stats would help give us some inspiration for a theme for our infographic.

We then came across a stat that read “young workers are more likely to get hurt within the first six months of employment than any other time”, and we started talking about why that was the case. We finally thought that maybe it was because young adults sometimes think that nothing will ever happen to them, that they are invincible, like superheroes.

Our idea was born!

Then Dylan worked his crazy design magic and our vision became reality. After many long hours of research, writing and designing, we hope you love it as much as we do.

heads up infographic

Click picture to enlarge

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One Response to “Not everyone can be a superhero”

  1. Great infographic! I really enjoyed reading it & learned a lot about young worker incidences (and about Superheroes… I’m not too ‘up’ on them). Thanks for sharing!

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