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The Interwebs Are Alive!

By Matt King

We have a new website!

First, though, some background: It all started last January. The snow was falling outside, and the winter, which had started early the year before, seemed to have no end in sight. The skin of most Albertans was beginning to crack like a desert floor and our eyes were permanently squinting, a failed attempt at protecting them from the all-encompassing sunlight. From these perspectives, one might assume January was a bleak month.

Winter Sadness

Oh, the bleak midwinter.

But it wasn’t. Something new, as it so often does at the beginning of a new year, was starting—a new Heads Up website.

Dylan, a NAIT student, joined our team and started work on it immediately. By the end of his semester, it was finished. A clean, simple-to-use site that can tell you all about Heads Up and where else to find us on the Internet. Fast-forward to now and, after the surprisingly complex process of changing domain name registrations and uploading the site, we have ourselves a new Heads Up website, which you can find at Same address, new site.

Website Screencap

A peek at the home page.

At the new site, you’ll find all sorts of stuff. There are links to our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages, as well as to our blog. There are videos we have done in the past. You can also learn more about Heads Up, along with other like-minded organizations, on our About page.

Perhaps an even cooler feature is our new resources page. While you used to be able to check out all our promo materials over at WCB’s website, you can now find it all on the Heads Up space. We’ve got all our posters and other rad materials available, so if you are interested in some Heads Up gear, find your way to the Resources page.

Resources Screencap

You can order Heads Up materials here.

If you are wondering about what’s happening to our blog, well, if you’re reading it right now, you might have realized that it’s staying where it is. You can access it from the new website, or just head straight to our space here on WordPress.

January wasn’t a bleak month because we were creating something new. If you’re starting school this month, then maybe you think September is a tad dispiriting. Well, if that’s the case, and even if it isn’t, check out our new website at—it’s shiny and new.

As always, work smart, work safe!

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