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Tell me about the days following your son’s death.

By Theresa Trant

“Tell me about the days following your son’s death. What kept you going? How did you cope?” These are a few of the questions I’ll be asking the parents of a 19-year-old young man who died in a workplace accident. These are questions I never want to have to ask anyone. Ever.

I have two sons—one 18 years old, the other 20. I cannot imagine how I would answer these questions. How do parents cope when their most precious gift, a child, is taken from them through death? It is truly unimaginable.

This young man had a bright future ahead of him. The accident changed everything; for him, his family, his friends, his co-workers and employer.

I wonder how that last day of his life started. Did his mom and dad wish him a good day as they all left for work? Did he have plans in the evening to get together with friends?

I wonder about the moment his sisters received the news their brother would never be home again.

I wonder about the moment his friends realized they would never laugh with him again.

I wonder how his co-workers and employer carried on knowing he would no longer be working by their side.

I wonder and yet hope I never have to find out.

Workplace injuries and death impact many of us.

Stay safe, everyone.

In 2012, over 9,000 workers aged 25 and under were injured on the job in Alberta.

Nine young workers lost their lives.

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