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Safety in the news: falls and road accidents

By Theresa Trant

We’ve just survived our first major snow storm in Edmonton. The roads were pretty bad and I saw a few fender benders as I traveled about completing my weekend errands. Awareness was a key ingredient to safety this weekend; but sometimes tragic accidents can happen. Here is your November safety in the news:

Falls prove to be deadly

Earlier this month a construction worker in his twenties fell from the top of a six-storey apartment building. He suffered life-threatening injuries in the fall, and died a short time later at the scene while being treated by paramedics.

A New Brunswick man was also killed in western Labrador. The 45-year-old man had been working on the roof of an apartment building when he fell. The weather conditions at the time of the accident were poor.

Photo courtesy of The Aurora

Photo courtesy of The Aurora

Tragic road accidents

A 29-year-old traffic flagger sustained serious, critical injuries when she was run over by a dump truck on Vancouver Island. The mother of two was taken off life support and sadly died.

Icy road conditions may have contributed to an accident which resulted in the death of a 42-year-old cab driver. The cab driver’s vehicle veered off the highway into a slough. All three people were able get out of the vehicle but only the two passengers made it safely to shore.


These four stories all have tragic endings. Sometimes incidences like these are preventable; other times they may not be. The best you can do is to be aware of the safety risks around and prepare yourself for them. Here are some additional tips:

Heads Up: work smart, work safe.

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