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Heads Up: A Safety Carol – Chapter 1

By Matt King

Get ready for a visit from the ghosts of safety past, present and future in our new four-part web series – Heads Up: A Safety Carol.

Inspired by Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, the new web series tells the story of Eric Tulkinghorn, a young worker who isn’t quite sure about all this safety stuff. He doesn’t think anything serious could ever happen to him. He doesn’t realize the importance of workplace safety, but he’s about to find out over one rather eventful night.

As the holiday season approaches, Eric’s surreal story of Heads Up: A Safety Carol will help you discover the importance of workplace safety—if you haven’t already. If you have, then let it remind you just how pivotal it is to always be mindful of safety in the workplace. As one character in the first episode notes, workplace safety doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone.

Episodes will be posted online here at our blog, and also on our YouTube channel and our website, New episodes will be posted every Friday until the SERIES FINALE on December 20th, 2013!

But for now, check out the first episode…

As the trainer says in the video, “Work smart, folks, and you’ll work safe.”

One Response to “Heads Up: A Safety Carol – Chapter 1”

  1. I cma t wait for chapter 2.

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