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Heads Up: A Safety Carol – Chapter 3

By Theresa Trant

Eric Tulkinghorn’s journey continues.

You met Eric Tulkinghorn in chapter 1. He is a young worker with a new job who decides to skip out on his safety training. Later that night he is confronted about his lack of concern for safety by an unexpected guest.

Chapter 2 saw Eric travel back in time with the Ghost of Safety Past. There he is reminded of his school boy days as a safety patroller bullied by other students. This brings back painful memories for Eric. We discover that this may be the root cause of Eric’s attitude toward safety.

This week in chapter 3, the Ghost of Safety Present visits Eric and takes him to see his friend, Bob Cratchit. Eric discovers the impact of his carelessness. Will Eric’s experience with the Ghost of Safety Present be enough to convince him to change his ways? Or will he ignore the ghost’s messages?

The series finale of A Safety Carol will be posted Friday, December 20. Where will Eric’s journey take him? Will it ultimately change his perception of workplace safety? You have to watch to find out!

Let us know your thoughts on our new video series, A Safety Carol! Leave a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB.

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