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Safety in the news: ‘Tis the season for some safety stories!

By Calissa Reid

December has been filled with big safety stories. The snowfall and colder temperatures bring safety scares every year.  Here at Heads Up, we have some big news as well. We’ve got a holiday themed four-part video series for you to enjoy, Heads Up: A Safety Carol. Check out our YouTube channel to get caught up on the story, and stay tuned for the series finale this Friday! Of course, there are many more safety stories out there and I won’t keep you from them any longer. Here’s the latest batch of safety in the news!


Snow… It can be so beautiful, but so dangerous!

Winter brings new safety concerns for Canadians. A PEI man lost a part of his hand while he was operating a snow blower at work. The man thought the snow blower was turned off and stuck his hand into the snow blower to clear it of packed snow, but the machine was running. The incident was still under investigation on Dec. 11.

Our friends in Nova Scotia launched a new safety campaign. The campaign reinforces why workplace safety really matters. The advertisement is different—it doesn’t show any jobsites or accidents—instead it focuses on the worker’s loved ones waiting at home.  Watch the video ad here.

Two Alberta workers were severely burned in an explosion outside of Edmonton. The men, aged 28 and 49, were treated for second-degree burns. The explosion was caused by a fire that broke out when the workers were flushing the inside of a tanker truck; fumes from the tanker combined with the heat from the pressure washer, which led to the fire.

Is working prolonging your life? A Canadian study says yes. Research conducted by the Institute for Work & Health in Toronto suggests there’s a link between unemployment and mortality. The report states that men and women who lose their jobs are more likely to die within the following 10 years. The study was based on a sample of 1.6 million Canadians observed for over 11 years.

Court orders stop to Construction of Brazil World Cup stadium in Manaus. The construction of a stadium for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is at a standstill after a man fell to his death last week. A Brazil judge has halted construction of the stadium until contractors present a report on the site’s safety conditions. Several construction workers have died while working to complete the 12 stadiums required for the World Cup next summer.

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