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Heads Up: A Safety Carol – Chapter 4

By Lauren Smith

What will the Ghost of Safety Future show Eric Tulkinghorn?

When will Eric Tulkinghorn finally understand the importance of workplace safety?

Will Eric Tulkinghorn ever change out of his pyjamas?

So many unanswered questions will be resolved in the last chapter of A Safety Carol

Last week we saw how Eric’s lack of concern for safety had impacted his friend’s life. In today’s series finale, the Ghost of Safety Future shows Eric what his fate will be if he continues down the path of safety disobedience.

What is A Safety Carol?

Catch up on the story:

Chapter 1: Jake Marley Visits

Chapter 2: When the Past Comes Back to Haunt You

Chapter 3: An Unwanted Present

Inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the new web series tells the story of Eric Tulkinghorn, a young worker who isn’t quite sure about all this safety stuff. He doesn’t think anything serious could ever happen to him. He doesn’t realize the importance of workplace safety, but he finds out, over one rather eventful night.

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