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Your safety in the news…

By Matt King

From deep below the earth to your everyday worksite, here is your safety in the news, covering January and February…

Safety above ground, safety below…

Paul Villeneuve was 20 when the trench he was working in collapsed, burying him up to his waist in dirt. While Villeneuve got out safe, he was dangerously close to death—had the soil been any higher, the pressure alone would have killed him. Check out his story in OHS Canada’s great article on trench and excavation safety.

Opening up about workplace violence…

Karen Haynes, over at the Spruce Grove Examiner, suggests people need to broaden their understanding of what constitutes workplace violence. From threatening behaviour to harassment, cyber bullying to domestic violence, Haynes has a good overview of the many ways workplace violence can affect your world.

Learning on the job…

The American Red Cross is developing new training programs, along with a new First Aid App that could be useful for “businesses seeking to keep their employees ready for emergencies.” Jonathan Epstein at OHS Online takes a look at how emergency training has helped workers at Food Lion in Salisbury, N.C.

Not suspicious…

A 40-year-old man passed away in Fort McMurray after his body was found in a dumping area at the Suncor oilsands. RCMP have recently deemed his death not suspicious and that he was buried as a result of a workplace accident.

In memoriam…

Last month, a construction worker died “after being trapped under a piece of metal.” The Mississauga man was working at the Sheridan Mall construction site when the incident occurred.

Work smart. Work safe.

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