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Show how much you care this Valentine’s Day

By Lauren Smith


The big day is here.

If you happen to be a last-minute shopper, don’t fret—Heads Up has your back!

This year, step up your Valentine’s game by showing you love her in a very important way: show that you care about her safety! Give her some stylish personal protective equipment (PPE) to show how much she means to you.

Keep her ears protected from loud noises with these ear plugs, so she’ll be able hear the beautiful poem you wrote for her:pink ears

Continue gazing into her beatiful eyes by ensuring she has solid eye protection with these rose-tinted frames:
pink eyes

Protect her noggin from falling objects with this matching pink hard hat:pink hat

Ladies, we know men aren’t the only ones who need last minute gift ideas.

If the man in your life isn’t into pink, show him that you care with this red-hot work overall:red overall

Keep those hands of his safe (so he can give you back massages) by getting him these matching welder’s gloves:welders gloves

 Communication is important in any relationship. Make sure his ears are protected by buying him these matching ear muffs, so he’ll be able to hear about your day:ear protection

But Heads Up, my significant other works at a desk all day; he/she doesn’t need any PPE.

Actually, desk workers do. All jobs require the appropriate PPE and desk jobs are no exception. When it comes to sitting at a computer all day, ergonomics is the PPE you need to prevent injury. If your significant other works in an office, show you care by surprising him/her at work with some flowers and an ergonomic assessment. (Everything you need to know can be found in this diagram below, courtesy of You’ll be caring and spontaneous!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, look out for one another and promote wearing the right protective equipment required for your job.

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