Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Safety is for everyone—even tall people!

By Theresa Trant

“I ignore the ladder safety portion of the monthly safety meetings at work.” That’s what my son told me yesterday as we were eating dinner. His reasoning is that since he is six foot four he doesn’t need to use ladders, and therefore, doesn’t need to know how to use them safely.

While I can understand my son’s reasoning, he missed a very important part of his responsibility for workplace safety. He wasn’t thinking about how safe ladder use is also important to his co-workers. So here’s my concern—if my son doesn’t know the safe way to use ladders how can he play a role in the safety of his co-workers?

Being responsible about workplace safety means you have an awareness of safety for yourself and for your co-workers. This includes:


Bottom line—workplace safety takes team work. Work smart and stay safe readers.

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