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Leave autopilot for the planes

By Theresa Trant

Six stitches! That probably doesn’t sound like much but when the cut is on the top of your thumb, you work in a deli and you are a social 16-year-old it can be a pain (no pun intended!).

It’s a good thing texting was not part of my world back then. Actually, it didn’t exist—hard to imagine.

ThumbWhat can also be hard to imagine is how quickly an accident can happen when you are not paying attention. That was the case with my cut thumb. I was operating a meat slicer—a machine I’d operated several times a day, five days a week—when, while busy chatting with a co-worker, I managed to include my thumb in the meat slicing. I was in my happy place and not paying attention to my task. You could say I was on autopilot mode. Not a smart move given the sharp blade I was guiding.

Operating a machine safely is just as much a mental task as it is a physical one.

This sounds simple but when you are operating the same machine frequently it is very easy to slip into autopilot mode and become distracted. That is when accidents happen.

So what is the message of today? Turn off your mind’s autopilot! Concentrate on what you are doing and how you are doing it to decrease the risk of accidents. Combine that with proper training and good judgment and you’ll be even safer around the machinery. Interested in more safety tips? Click on the image below and stay safe.

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