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Safety and the movies…The Goonies

By Calissa Reid

It’s flashback Friday! Today we are travelling back to before I was even born…1985 to be exact. The ‘80s were a special time filled with many pop culture gems that stand strong today. Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Full House, Alf, and John Hughes’ classic Brat Pack films all come to my mind. For me, there is one ‘80s treasure that rises above the over processed, teased hair and leotards with leggings as a true masterpiece—no matter the decade— The Goonies.

Directed by Richard Donner and written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, The Goonies follows a group of friends, aptly named the Goonies, as they head on one last Goonie adventure before their families’ homes are foreclosed on.

Although “Goonies never say die”, they do face some scary— and dangerous— situations that are perfect for us to learn from! So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the latest edition of Safety and the movies!

1. It’s OK to speak up

In this scene, Chunk confesses all of the bad things he has done in his life to the Fratellis. While we aren’t expecting you to tell your boss every mistake in your life, it is important to talk to your boss about your work. Your voice is important. If you’re not comfortable doing the job, speak up. You can work with your boss to get the right training and equipment to do the job safely and properly.

2. Go in prepared

I have to give Data some credit—while he has difficulty saying “booby traps” it’s actually a great idea. Setting booby traps is like wearing your PPE. Data is thinking ahead to protect the Goonies from any hazards. (In this case it’s the Fratellis.)Similarly, PPE will protect you from hazards at your jobsite. Just don’t tell your boss you are setting booby traps when you’re putting on your PPE — it might not go over very well!

3. Find some common ground

Have you ever worked in customer service? Sometimes it can seem similar to the scene above. Chunk handles a difficult personality perfectly. He talks to Sloth and they find something they have in common—chocolate. Effective communication is the key to smooth the situation and keep you and the customer happy and safe. And who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend who can help you out later in life, just like Chunk did. Lauren has a blog post on managing high-conflict personalities if you want to find out more.

If you’ve never seen The Goonies, I highly recommend it. In fact, I recommend that you watch it soon because there are rumours that a sequel is in the works! So my final message of the day is keep your fingers crossed (for a new Goonies adventure) and keep your Heads Up (for workplace safety, of course).

Do you have any suggestions for Safety and the movies? Feel free to leave them in the comments, or let us know through Twitter or Facebook!

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