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Safety in the news: Star Wars stalled and our Aussie allies launch a new campaign

By Calissa Reid

Each month at Heads Up, we try and do a Safety in the news blog post to stay on top of all of the latest safety headlines across Canada. When I first started, I thought these posts would be difficult. I mean really, there’s so much going on in our country that workplace safety must often take a back seat. I’ve found that this isn’t true. Work injuries and accidents are a big deal to Canadians, and it’s not hard to find news articles to prove just how important safety is to us.

Now I quite enjoy writing the Safety in the news blog posts. I get to read about the latest safety stories and sometimes there are cool new videos like the one I’ve shared below. Keep reading to find out what’s been going on with workplace safety around Canada—and with our friends in the US and Australia, too!

A 22-year-old Ontario man was killed after he fell while installing a steel plate on top of a beam and was struck by the plate. The Ministry of Labour is investigating the matter.

Heads Up goes down under. Safe Work Australia has launched a new safety campaign and they’ve chosen the perfect name…Heads Up. I’d love to tell you that that the Heads Up team went to Australia to share our message, but unfortunately this campaign is separate from ours. The Australian Heads Up campaign is focused on mental health in the workplace. You can find out more about the Aussie Heads Up campaign at their website.

New safety videos. The winners of the It’s Your Job! video contest were announced in early June. Each year high school students from across Canada submit videos to promote workplace safety among their peers. Coming in first place was Ben Croskery from Ontario. Check out his video below.

A reality star loses his life. Former Survivor contestant Caleb Bankston was killed while working as a conductor on a coal train in Alabama. Bankston was thrown onto the tracks when the train derailed. The incident is under investigation and the company stated that they will take the appropriate actions pending the results of the investigation. Caleb was only 27 years old.

Use the force, Harrison!The latest Star Wars film is facing production delays after Harrison Ford broke his leg during filming. Production on the film is at a standstill for two weeks to give Ford time to rest and recover. The accident happened when the Millennium Falcon door fell on Ford’s leg. The project will remain on track for release in December 2015.

Do you have a safety story you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB!

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  1. This is a very interesting article. Congratulation for the initiative. I agree that all of us should be informed about health and safety at work.

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