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See ya later summer, hello fall.

By Courtney Taylor

I love summer. The sun, shorts, flip-flops, and sand—oh wait we live in Alberta. Not much sand to be found! From January on I’m just waiting for it to be hot enough to lose the socks and shoes and don my favorite sundress, but then it seems as soon as it’s here  it’s gone again before I’m ready. This summer has been no different—it just flew by. It definitely helped that I was super busy trying to flourish in unfamiliar waters as a communications summer student here at WCB, while making almost bi-weekly bus trips back to Calgary.

Now I’m looking forward to fall. Usually by the end of August I am busy revamping my wardrobe and stocking up on school supplies, but this year that isn’t necessary. Just as my time at WCB is up, so is my time in school. Now that I havegrad finished my work experience term I am officially done at Mount Royal University. As of November I will be the proud owner of a very fancy and expensive piece of paper—my Bachelor of Communications degree with a major in journalism.

It really is more than just a fancy piece of paper, though. My post-secondary career was a journey that lead me to be a more knowledgeable, confident, self-assured and cultured person. The work experience I gained along the way added to my experience in school. I now feel ready to tackle the job market and land the communication job of my dreams.

But first I need to make money, so it’s back to my part-time job serving while I search for that awesome job I dream about. Thanks to my time at WCB, I know I will be able to help keep myself and my co-workers safe at Milestones.

Here are some tips I am taking away and will be sure to share:

  1. Speak up. I can say no to a task if I feel that it is too dangerous or I don’t feel comfortable doing it safely. I will for sure be reminding my colleagues of this—especially if it’s their first job, which is often the case for our hostesses.
  2. Take your time. Rushing to get something done can lead to cutting corners or even forgetting about safety precautions. In restaurants it’s important to the job quickly, but not to rush. Slips, trips, and falls happen often at restaurants due to spills that may not have been cleaned up properly. Even though it’s a faced-paced environment there’s always time to make sure the job is done safely.
  3. Ask for help. Sometimes new employees are too shy or embarrassed to ask how to do something—I know I was when I first started. It’s always safer to ask someone who knows what they’re doing for help to get the job done.

After spending the summer here at WCB and being a member of the Heads Up team, I feel that I can go back to serving knowing how to keep myself and my co-workers safe—at least until I land that dream job. I’ll still be thinking about safety at work, but maybe it will be more focused on ergonomics and hidden hazards. Either way, I’ll always be thinking of how to work smart and work safe no matter what the job is.

Thanks for a fantastic summer of learning and growing, WCB—it’s been great!



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