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Look both ways: a move in the right direction

Three tips to being safe on the road as a pedestrian

By Angela Unsworth

Living in the city and working in the core doesn’t usually give us the opportunity to drive to work. Parking is expensive downtown and sometimes navigating the rush hour traffic takes twice as long as it would to take a bus or walk. While driving definitely can be hazardous, being a pedestrian can also be dangerous.

Calissa, Brenna, Angela and Dylan walk across a pedestrian crosswalk, Abbey Road style.

Calissa, Brenna, Angela and Dylan walk across a pedestrian crosswalk, Abbey Road style.

The Calgary Herald reported that more accidents involving pedestrians happen between July and December and there were 548 collisions in Calgary alone in 2013!

Check out these three tips below to stay safe on your way to and from work:

  1. Cross at designated crosswalks and use the pedestrian traffic signals if they are there. It’s important to make sure that cars have had the chance to notice the light and are stopping before you step out onto the street.
  2. Make sure you step out cautiously and look both ways before crossing the street. Sometimes a car turning a corner might not see you, or depending on the light and time of day, drivers might not see you. In the winter, they might see you but not be able to stop with the icy conditions of the road.
  3. Wear bright colours at night. This makes it easier to spot you when you are crossing the street.

And finally, two things not to do:

  1. Don’t jaywalk! Drivers should be prepared to stop at crosswalks, but not all drivers are ready to stop in the middle of the street.
  2. Put your smartphone away when crossing the street. It can be easy to get caught up in sending a reply text or tweet on your smartphone, and you are less aware of what’s happening around you when walking and texting.

Stay safe out there!

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