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Safety and the movies… The Lego Movie

by Heather Stock

Recently, I was part of a large crowd of Edmontonians who gathered in Churchill Square to watch The Lego Movie on a three-storey inflatable screen. The Lego Movie tells the tale of a piece of Lego named Emmet and his quest to save the world from being destroyed.

I left the movie not only with the extremely-catchy “Everything is AWESOME!!!” song stuck in my head, but also thinking that the movie depicted some dangerous activities for the Lego heroes. There were many things the characters could have done differently to be safer while completing their quest…


Photo courtesy of the City of Edmonton.

Safety in conformity

When Emmet finishes his workday at the construction site, he notices someone has broken in after hours. Emmet approaches the intruder to tell her that the worksite closed at six o’clock, and that it’s a hardhat-only area and she is not wearing the official “safety orange” clothing required in construction zones. In response, the intruder takes off running. Emmet chases after her and ends up falling down a giant hole.

Although The Lego Movie promotes individuality and not conforming to societal rules, it’s also important to remember that rules in the worksites are there for an important reason: to keep you safe. Fortunately, Emmet wasn’t injured, and neither was the girl, who was at risk by being in a construction site without the proper PPE (personal protective equipment).

Turn it down

Later in the movie, Batman uses the Batmobile to drive the heroes from one world to the next. During the drive, Batman decides to blast loud music that distracts him from the road, so Emmet asks him to turn down the tunes.

Listening to music can be lots of fun, but it is important not to have any distractions when operating heavy equipment, like a motor vehicle. It’s also important not to play music so loudly that it could damage your hearing. If Batman was respectful to others in his car and stayed focused on the road instead of the loud music, he’d lower his risk of getting into an accident and save his passengers’ ears from potential damage.

Speak out

The Lego movie starts to take a dark turn when Lord Business shows off the evil power of the Kragle, a machine that freezes Lego. Lord Business forces Bad Cop to use the machine to freeze his parents. Although Bad Cop has an internal debate with his better half, Good Cop, about feeling uncomfortable using the Kragle, he decides that it’s his job and he has to use the machine.

Sometimes as a young worker you can be left feeling like you have to do something potentially dangerous because it’s part of your job. It’s important to speak up in the workplace when you are asked to do something that you feel could be unsafe. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but your employer is there to make sure you know the proper safety protocols. If you’re unsure how to do something safely, it needs to be brought to your employer’s attention.

Staying safe on the job is not only important for Lego—it’s important for everyone. So until next time, keep your heads up and stay safe!

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