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Safely Raise the Roof: A blog post inspired by the Gilmore Girls

By Angela Unsworth

Writing for this blog has helped to increase my awareness of all the potential safety concerns at work. I can’t watch a television show without noticing potential work site safety hazards!

I spend a lot of time (maybe too much?) watching Netflix and my friends kept telling me I had to watch Gilmore Girls. When it finally showed up on Netflix, I was ecstatic. I made popcorn and settled in to watch too many hours of Gilmore Girls.

I immediately became connected to the characters. Watching Rory Gilmore as she signed up for extracurricular activities that would help boost her chances of getting in to Harvard, I completely related to Rory’s dedication to studying and working hard. Sometimes we’re so dedicated to proving ourselves we don’t realize that we might not be doing the safest thing.


One episode showed Rory taking on volunteer work to help build a house to bump up her chances of getting in to Harvard. This episode had me literally crying out “No, Rory! Don’t do that, it’s not safe!”

She met up with someone who looked like he was in charge. He pointed at a general area where she’d be working (which had absolutely no supervision or direction), popped a hard hat on her head (not ensuring it fit properly) and told her to get to work. She asked what she was supposed to do and mentioned that she thought there would be someone she would be helping, as she’d never built a house before.

The guy told her she had her spot and to start working. She looked around helplessly for a second, and jumped out of the way of someone who happened to drop something right where she was standing. The guy she had been looking to for direction commended her on her quick reflexes, said she was going to need it and then went on his way, leaving her alone.

I could ask you all to point out all the many ways that this situation isn’t safe!
Even if you’re volunteering, it’s important to work smart and work safe. Don’t worry about stepping on toes; ask for help!

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