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If you get injured at work, what would you miss?

By Melissa Babcock

It is a million dollar question with a million possible answers.

When it comes to workplace injuries, the focus (rightfully so) is on healing, overcoming the injury itself and returning to work as quickly and safely as possible. All of which is obviously extremely important. But other than time at work, what else might a young worker miss out on after suffering an injury?

Heads Up’s friend Theresa has two sons, 19 and 21. She knows if either of them was ever injured on the job, their focus would likely be on what they would miss out on while the injury healed—nights out with friends, weekends away, playing their favourite sports. It got us thinking, ‘what would we miss?’

That conversation inspired our new ads, which you may have spotted on our Twitter account, @HeadsUpAB. Drawing from our experiences as young workers (or in my case, a former young worker) we came up with a few scenarios we thought might resonate, all carrying the hashtag #WhatWouldYouMiss?:


“Video Game Guy” (or girl as the case may be) might find it difficult to slay animated dragons while also dealing with an injury.


If you’re “Party Girl” (or “Party Guy”), strutting your stuff on the dance floor is a little more difficult if you have only one healthy leg.

You can see more adventures with Gamer Guy in a short video on our YouTube channel and on Facebook:

We have more ads and videos planned for November and December—keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to check them out!

What would you miss if you were hurt on the job? Tell us by leaving a comment, or tweet us @HeadsUpAB!

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