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Safety in the news: Ebola outbreak and a mobile safety presentation

By Calissa Reid

“The things we do today will be tomorrow’s news.”

I was in dance classes and musical theatre as a kid, and one year my group performed a Newsies-inspired piece.  Newsies is a musical film from the early ‘90s that was based loosely on the American newsboys strike of 1899. It was one of my favourite performances from my childhood, and the quote above always stuck with me.

The classic newsie jump. Pure gold.

For me, the quote reinforces being mindful of my actions (whether they are positive or negative) because they will shape my tomorrow.  Of course, accidents are going to happen.  But an awareness of our surroundings and task at hand will help me—and you handle any safety risks we face at our jobs.

Why all this newsie talk, you ask? Well, it’s been a while since we’ve visited the newsstands for some safety stories. Here’s the latest in safety news.

Alberta Health workers receive Ebola protective equipment. Although no cases have been confirmed in Canada, Alberta health care workers received personal protective equipment to help guard against Ebola in case the virus enters the province.  More than 1,700 Alberta health care workers have received Ebola response training and the number continues to grow.

One killed and four injured after Sarnia plant explosion. An explosion and fire on October 25 at an industrial plant in Sarnia, Ontario killed one worker and left four others hospitalized. Remarkably, three of the eight employees at the site managed to escape without injury.  Dust collection is cited as the cause of the accident.

Manitoba brings the safety to you. Safe Work Manitoba will launch a new mobile unit to deliver safety education to remote areas across the province.  The safety presentations will be free, customizable and extremely accessible.

Engineer missing after train derailment. An Iron Ore Company of Canada train ran off its tracks and into the Moisie River in Quebec, leaving one engineer missing and diesel spilling into the river for several hours.  Preliminary reports suggest a landslide was the cause of the derailment.

Edmonton police on track with mental health approach. The Mental Health Commission of Canada praised the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) for the approach officers take when interacting with people in crisis.  The EPS’s curriculum covers mental health training, communication skills, crisis management, stress and human relations and control tactics. It is estimated to take up to 52 hours to complete.

If the thought of a musical makes you cringe, then you should probably skip out on watching Newsies. But I hope you consider this quote and these news stories when you head to work today. As always, work smart and work safe.

Do you have a safety story you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB!

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