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Safety and the movies … Sleeping Beauty 

By Lauren Smith

Photo: Disney Animation Studios

Photo: Disney Animation Studios

Recently, Disney opened up its ever-elusive vault to release upon us one of its greatest classics: Sleeping Beauty.

It’s a Disney film I’m not familiar with, but there is something special about Disney’s earlier films, and Sleeping Beauty is no exception; the dreamy animation, quirky sense of humour and romantic idealism make this movie a real treasure.

So what does Princess Aurora’s story have to do with being safe at work? As with any movie, there’s always an opportunity to learn some important safety tips….

1. Shortcuts do not equal safety

The bumbling fairies who serve as Princess Aurora’s guardians until her 16th birthday swear off magic so they don’t alert Maleficent to the princess’ whereabouts. However, they start using magic again to assist with the preparations for Aurora’s 16th birthday (cleaning up, baking a cake, making a dress). Although using magic is easier to get the job done, this shortcut turns out to be a dangerous one because their magic does end up identifying Aurora’s location to Maleficent. Tragedy ensues.

Take heed from the fairies’ mistake: when getting a job done, it’s best to not take shortcuts that could jeopardize your (or your co-workers’) safety.

2. Trust your gut

I’ve never understood this is the part of the movie. The spindle looks sharp and dangerous—Aurora even hesitates before touching it, yet she pricks her finger on it anyway. I suppose she’s under some kind of trance by Maleficent commanding her to touch the spindle. But this is a perfect example of when to trust your gut, because if something looks or feels dangerous, it more than likely is.

3. Personal protection is pivotal

When Prince Phillip takes off to rescue Princess Aurora, the fairies ensure he has the proper protection for going up against Maleficent: the mighty Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue.

Even if you don’t have to battle fire-breathing dragons at work, make sure you’re wearing the necessary protective gear to keep you safe.


Although Princess Aurora is the beloved heroine of the film, I can’t help but admire Maleficent’s delicious evilness. She is definitely the most badass Disney villain of all time.

Photo: Disney Animation Studios

Photo: Disney Animation Studios

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