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Heads Up hats and gloves and ice scrapers! Oh my!

By Calissa Reid

You’re probably sick of us talking about the weather. (The weather was the subject of at least five blog posts in 2014 — crazy!) But when you live in a country that experiences beautiful —yet extreme—seasons, the weather is bound to be talked about.  We don’t just talk about the weather in our blog; Heads Up often will talk about the latest heat wave or snowmageddon in Alberta while we’re at work, too. So we started brainstorming (pun intended) and we decided to take advantage of Canada’s obsession with the weather. This season, we’re bringing you some brand new Heads Up winter safety items to keep you warm and looking extra cool. Take a look.


These black and grey gloves adorned with the ever-so-fashionable Heads Up logo are touchscreen phone friendly. Just make sure you’re not texting at work!


Do you want to add a little extra heating power to your Heads Up gloves? Try the Heads Up hand warmer! Insert these environmentally -friendly warmers into your gloves for up to eight hours of blissful heat.


Of course we want you to keep your heads up, but we want them to be warm, too! We’ve got Heads Up toques that will keep your ears toasty on the coldest of days.

 Ice scraper

The Heads Up ice scraper may not help with the temperature, but it will remove any snow or ice buildup on your car to keep you safe on your daily commute.

As always, we provide a number of promotional items to employers, free of charge.  We have a limited supply, so you may see some different items available on our website. Visit our resources page to see what we have available right now.

We live in a beautiful, amazing country, but it can be a bit cold (it’s -25°C right now!) This cold weather will be sticking around for awhile, so be sure to bundle up (in Heads Up gear) when you’re outside this winter.  Remember, work smart, work safe and keep warm!

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