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Bad luck isn’t the only thing that comes in threes

By Lauren Smith

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There’s a saying that bad luck comes in threes (just like Friday the 13th will this year), but did you know that many awesome things also come in threes?

  • Three Stooges
  • The rule of three in writing
  • Three piece suits
  • Tricycles
  • The Sanderson sisters

And most importantly … your rights on the job!

You have many rights when it comes to being safe at work, but they all boil down to three main ones:

New on the job? Or has your employer introduced a new process or equipment at your work?

You have the RIGHT TO KNOW of any risks or dangers associated with your job. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, ask your supervisor. They’re there to help you stay safe.

Does your work provide you with safety training?

You have the RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE in health and safety training and other activities to ensure you have all the information you need to perform your job safely. Be sure to listen up! This is important stuff.

Are you being asked to do something that seems dangerous?

You have the RIGHT TO REFUSE any work that you think is unsafe. Speak up and trust your gut!

Safety on the job is your right.
Keep these rights in mind to help ensure you stay safe at work.

If you’re still worried about any bad luck that Friday the 13th may bring, it actually turns out that it’s not such an unlucky day on the job after all:

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Image source:

So be extra safety-focused by working smartly and safely today and every day!

2 Responses to “Bad luck isn’t the only thing that comes in threes”

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