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All the right moves – Moving safety tips

By Angela Unsworth

One of my least favorite things to do is move. But, it’s what I’m doing at the end of the month.

I started packing and shuffling furniture around this week and suddenly my apartment became a danger zone. I realized that I needed to figure out the potential hazards I could come across while moving and here’s what I discovered:

Don’t be this guy!

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Making a clean getaway

My apartment is dusty. I swear I didn’t have a goal of creating a pet dust bunny, but it seems that’s what I’ve done. I sweep every week, but I live downtown and leave my windows open. A lot. That usually means dust is kicked up into my apartment on a daily basis and it’s not easy to sweep it up from under furniture. I found the dust bunnies by following my nose—I had sneeze attacks in my dustier areas!

If you’re moving, or helping someone move, or work in a dusty area and you have dust allergies, it’s important to wear the proper gear to help them move. Wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth, gloves to protect your skin and safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Heavy as a ton of books

I own a lot of books. As I’ve been putting them into boxes, I’ve realized how heavy the boxes become. I decided to put them in smaller boxes instead so they won’t be as hard to lift. I’ve been filling my bigger boxes with blankets and clothing and trying to make sure I’ve distributed the weight in a way that will make them easier and safer to move.

If you happen to be helping someone else, or working for a moving company and can’t avoid lifting a heavy box, make sure you lift it properly. Lift with your knees, not your back! That means you’ll need to crouch down in a squat to pick up the box and then push up with your legs, just like the mighty-man below.

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Controlling the animal farm

Last but not least, our real-life dust bunnies like to help us move. If you’re working for a moving company, chances are you’ll be helping pet owners move. While they’re cute and cuddly, pets can be a safety hazard when you’re moving. Animals like to explore and to see what it is that we’re doing. While they’re exploring, they could potentially get under your feet when you’re carrying a box and trip you. Keep them locked safely in a room while you are moving to keep them and you safe.

Happy Moving!

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Do you have any other tips for moving safety that you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB

4 Responses to “All the right moves – Moving safety tips”

  1. I like how you mentioned how heavy books can be. When moving, Don’t put all your books into a single box unless you have a crane to move it. You will hurt yourself when it comes time to pick it up. Spread them out between other boxes so that it’s easier to move.

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