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Safety in the Movies Television: Downton Abbey Style

By Angela Unsworth

I’m a big fan of period pieces and can spend hours watching them. When I realized the fourth season of Downton Abbey was up on Netflix, well…all my plans for the week disappeared amid a flurry of binge watching.

In that day and age…

Part of what interests me in historical shows is watching how the characters deal with new technology and devices. In the first episode, the kitchen received electric kitchen tools to help the staff do the work. The younger staff loves the new gadgets, but Mrs. Patmore, the supervisor, struggles to learn how they work. She refused to ask for help, because she didn’t want the other cooks to know that she couldn’t figure out how they worked. Because of this fear, she ended up breaking a bowl while using one of the tools when no one was around. Fortunately, no one was injured by the broken glass, but I immediately thought of how that could have ended up and how important it is to not let our fears stop us from asking for help.

Ask and you shall receive…

Sometimes we don’t want to admit we might not know how to do something because we’re worried about not being able to keep up. That fear is what holds us back from being truly exceptional at our work. And, it leads us to acting unsafely.

Every job comes with a learning curve. Even when you’ve been at a job for years, something new might be introduced or asked of you that you are unsure about.  We all struggle to learn something new and it’s important to be able to ask for help when we’re unsure of how to do a task at work.

If Mrs. Patmore asked for help, she would have saved herself plenty of late-night hours and a bowl. Don’t be Mrs. Patmore with her broken bowl. Ask for help.

Do you have a story about a time when you asked for help at work? Comment here or tweet us @HeadsUpAB to let us know!

2 Responses to “Safety in the Movies Television: Downton Abbey Style”

  1. I just started watching this show today and am totally hooked. Downton Abbey marathon!!!!

  2. Hi, I love how you have incorporate safety into the TV Series! Now I think I am going to start watching this TV show.

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